The Lord's Ranch Ministry

" I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." Jeremiah 33:6

The Lords Ranch Ministry : Non-Profit Registered Charity...Where you are welcome! 

The Lord’s Ranch is a Christian faith based therapeutic program. The farm uses animal-assisted and modern therapeutic programs to help women and children who have experienced abuse or abandonment.

We are offering a ranch style retreat and recovery sanctuary for emotional, physical and spiritual healing through the ministry of horses, animals and the loving support of people. 

It is a safe place where we support various individuals and families through Biblical principles. 

 The ranch is not associated with any particular religious congregation

However, The Lord's Ranch is a faith-based organization.  The ranch is founded on the same Judeo-Christian values that our country was built upon and we do believe the Bible is the word of God.  We follow the Bible and all its principles.

Faith on the ranch is "lived out" therefore we do pray for the people and staff who attend.

It is  where we filter out the pollution of the world by honest country living while relying on the Bible as our reference for proper daily living.

The Founder and Board of Directors believe in the one true living God and the saving grace of His Son , Jesus Christ.  

It is our hearts desire to see people heal and come to serve our Lord Jesus. 

It is our greatest privilege to serve God by the action of our faith.  We put our faith into practical application by demonstrating our love  each other and the families who attend.

Our Mission is:  To Support you!

To Support our community through prayer, showing love and practical  support in order to see people find happiness , understanding and peace.

 We are a group of volunteers who donates our time, effort and resources to help  women and children who have experienced abuse or abandonment. 

We currently meet on Sundays from 2 pm till done.

 We look forward to meeting you!  No situation is too desperate for God to resolve.


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